Beautiful Sentences: Marisa Renee Lee’s “Grief Is Love: Living with Loss”

“Love doesn’t die, and that is why we grieve. You don’t get over love. Loving someone and being loved in return leaves an indelible imprint on your brain. It cannot be erased, because love can’t be taken away, can’t be taken back, even if our person is no longer with us in this world. Death forces us to continually recalibrate our expectations around love. The foundation of a full life after loss is love. It is choosing to continue to love your person in the present tense. It is moving forward with life, bringing them with you. It is deciding how to love them and how to continue to experience their love forever.”

“Grief is love, and love is the antidote to grief.”

October 2022
Goodreads Review⭐⭐⭐

Inspired by Anne Frank’s “Book of Beautiful Sentences,” this series includes memorable passages from books I have read. Find more beautiful sentences.


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