Beautiful Sentences: Kerri Ní Dochartaigh’s “Thin Places”

“There is so much life in the places around us and, sometimes, for some of us, somehow, this helps us to value our own life. Maybe even at times when the act of staying alive is a daily struggle.

Battles, governments, laws, leaders – borders – come and go, but the land and its sacred places remain unmoved and unchanged in their core. There are some places in this broken, burning and bleeding world in which I have experienced moments — fleeting but clear as winter light — where I feel hope like the beat of moth-wings on my skin. There are still places on this earth that sing of all that came and left, of all that is still here and of all that is yet to come. Places that have been touched, warmed by the presence of something. By its heat, by its breath, by the beat of its heart. Places that hold on their surface a shadow-trace left behind by something we can still sense but no longer see.”

Read: August 2020
Goodreads Review⭐⭐⭐⭐

Inspired by Anne Frank’s “Book of Beautiful Sentences,” this series includes memorable passages from books I have read. Find more beautiful sentences.


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